Renovations & Additions

Renovations and Additions

Creative and consistent remodeling solutions.

Creativity is often considered less applicable in such work,
however we feel that this challenge is often one of the most rewarding.

This category of design requires the ability to design within the cues set by the existing building, and success is often the result of an intuitive understanding of the existing building and its unique flaws and features. This effort can range from creating an extension that conceals the seam between the existing and new elements, to changing the character of the existing design while using much of the existing structure for cost and value.

Rob’s active involvement in his construction company, Socha Builders, Inc., provides him with the unique ability to consider, design and specify all of these needed facets. As a result, this has earned Rob the lifetime appointment to Remodeling Magazine’s “Big 50” and national recognition on the cover of the magazine in 1995.