High-End Residential Design

High-End Residential Design Services

Extraordinary projects with exceptional results.

We have had the great fortune to design for many extremely successful, demanding and discerning clients, from captains of industry to celebrities.

Several of our projects could be considered once-in-a career opportunities for most architects. As all residential design starts with the clients’ requirements, high-end design is no exception and often takes that philosophy to the extreme. This is a more demanding version of residential work, as every aspect must feel superior to its expectation.

It requires significant experience in unique construction methods, an understanding of available, high-quality building and finishing materials, experience with unique and often nearly-lost craftsmanship methods, and a willingness to create ideas for the atypical.

Rob has actually been known to spend significant time on the construction site, drawing details and trim designs in full-scale, directly on the walls to be sure that all ideas fit perfectly into the home.