Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing

Reveling in the details.

We revel in the details. Our basic and entry-level architectural services will always attend to interior finishes in a general sense, so that the character of the spaces is fully considered in the design.

One of Rob’s passions however, is the fine details of the interior. When given the opportunity, we focus on all finishes affixed to the building, because the definition of space, the details and features of rooms, the trim, built-in furnishings and colors are all essential to the success of designs.

The lighting and the integration of HVAC and other systems can completely change the experience and success of any space. Even patterns in materials can alter the perception of a room. We truly enjoy designing the material selections, colors, patterns, hardwood design, tile selection and design, cabinetry and built-ins, interior trim, lighting design and selection, ceiling designs, and all other features of the building.

Rob personally accompanies his clients to retail and trade centers to assist in selecting each item.